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Remembering Bucky Pizzarelli


In the rare world of truly agreeable people John Paul “Bucky” Pizzarelli (1926-2020) was among its finest and most talented citizens. His musical accomplishments, positive impact on our popular culture and immense legacy are well known and documented by responsible writers and listeners everywhere. Many times we witnessed the impact of Bucky’s presence; every time was positive and joyful both musically and personally.

Bucky Pizzarelli performed for us many times at concerts, on 11 Chiaroscuro recordings:

CR(D) 128 Joe & Zoot & More
CR(D) 219 Milt Hinton, The Judge At His Best
CR(D) 311 Summit Reunion, 1989
CR(D) 321 Flip Phillips with Strings
CR(D) 324 Summit Reunion, 1992
CR(D) 327 Flip Phillips, At the Helm (1993)
CR(D)332 A Chiaroscuro Christmas
CR(D) 339 Summit Reunion, Yellow Dog Blues, 1995
CR(D) 353 Jay Leonhardt with Many Special Guests (1996)
CR(D) 355 New York Swing, 1996
CR(D) 372 John Bunch Trio, Tony’s Tunes

and on July 4, 1999 at our daughter’s wedding. Through all of it he was a celebrated leader, sideman and friend who always left us wanting more.

We are grateful to have shared a bit of his life and send our gratitude, respect and sympathy to his wife Ruth, daughters Mary and Anne, sons John and Martin and all the Pizzarelli Family.

By: Andrew Sordoni, April 2020


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