What is Jazzspeak?

In case you are not familiar with the trademarked CHIAROSCURO RECORDS feature called Jazzspeak, this is something which enhances the historical and archival value of the label. Jazzspeak is a special spoken segment that is included at the end of many CHIAROSCURO CDs. CHIAROSCURO RECORDS believes the men and women who have recorded for the label are very important from a cultural and historical standpoint, and that they have important things to say about their music and the creative process. Therefore, they are encouraged to offer any spoken commentary they feel is appropriate and it is added to the end of the CD program. This spoken portion never interferes with the musical content of a CHIAROSCURO CD, it is strictly an added bonus. As newer technology has allowed, this feature has been programmed as a “hidden track” since 1997, which allows the listener to access it only when desired. New CHIAROSCURO releases average 68 minutes of music, and any time included for Jazzspeak is in addition to that. In most cases, consumer response to Jazzspeak has been very favorable and, radio programmers and show hosts will often use it to construct what appear to be “live” interviews with the artists.

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