Sherrie Maricle – Part 1

Sherrie Maricle

About Sherrie Maricle

Sherrie Maricle, the drummer and bandleader of the Diva Orchestra, talks about her early inspiration seeing Buddy Rich perform with his band when she was 11 years old. The impactful moment at the Buddy Rich concert led Sherrie to pursue a career in jazz drumming, despite initial skepticism from others.

Sherrie shares her background, including her early interest in music, experiences in school bands, and her journey into jazz, including playing in various ensembles and working with notable musicians. She discusses her time at NYU, studying under influential jazz musicians like Mel Lewis and Adam Nussbaum.

Sherrie reflects on her interactions with notable musicians such as Skitch Henderson, Phil Woods, Slam Stewart, and Bucky Pizzarelli. She emphasizes the joy and entertainment aspect of music, drawing inspiration from those who brought happiness to the stage.

The podcast concludes with a discussion of the Chiaroscuro recording Roger Kellaway Meets the Duo, featuring Michael Moore and Gene Bertoncini performing “When Lights Are Low.”

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