Loren Schoenberg

About Loren Schoenberg

In this episode of The Chiaroscuro Jazz Podcast, host George Graham interviews saxophonist, conductor, jazz historian, and educator Loren Schoenberg. Schoenberg shares insights into his dual passion for playing and studying jazz, emphasizing that his interest in the music and its history developed simultaneously. He recounts his early experiences, playing with legends like Duke Ellington and Count Basie in his teens and forming his own big band, which eventually became the last Benny Goodman Orchestra.

Schoenberg discusses the seamless integration of his musical education and historical exploration, emphasizing that his involvement in the New York Jazz Museum in the early 1970s allowed him to meet and play with musicians from the 1920s and 1930s. The conversation delves into Schoenberg’s influences, including Benny Goodman, Benny Carter, Buck Clayton, and others. He reflects on his unconventional path, dropping out of school to work for Benny Goodman and later becoming a respected jazz historian and educator.

The interview touches upon Schoenberg’s love for jazz history, particularly his introduction to the genre through a record of Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall concert. He emphasizes the importance of personal connections with musicians and mentors and how these relationships shaped his musical journey. Schoenberg also shares vivid memories of recording sessions, such as his involvement in one of Buck Clayton’s jam session albums on Chiaroscuro.

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