Adam Makowicz – Episode 15


On this episode of the Chiaroscuro Podcast, we feature Polish pianist Adam Makowicz who recorded his first American trio album for Chiaroscuro in 1981.

About Adam Makowicz

Born in 1941, Adam Makowicz studied classical music at the Chopin Conservatory of Music in Krakow, Poland. But despite the cultural restrictions of the communist government in Poland, Makowicz developed a passion for jazz, listening to the Voice of America on the radio. He began attracting attention in his home country, and at the behest of John Hammond came to the US in 1977 for a tour, and eventually settled in New York. In the 1980s, he was banned by the Polish Communist regime for his support of the Solidarity Movement. In the US and Canada, he has had a long and productive recording career.

About the Music

Makowicz recorded his first American trio album for Chiaroscuro in 1981, A Handful of Stars, which was co-produced by the great veteran  producer John Hammond along with Chiaroscuro founder Hank O’Neal. The album featured an all-star trio with George Mraz on bass and John DeJohnette on drums

About The Chiaroscuro Podcast

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