Author: Allison Detwiler

My life with Jazz and Chiaroscuro

by Nicholas Niles As I look back on my love of jazz, I remember many really terrific jazz experiences. Now that I am a bit older, when I connect many of these seemingly unrelated experiences it is amazing how many connect in turn to Chiaroscuro. Here is one of my first ones. I hope you find it interesting. In 1968, I

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Presentation Pieces

By Jan Souther  “Joe Smith on trombone!  Joe Smith!” You’re partway through an evening of fine jazz and the bandleader says, “The waiters don’t want no trombone playing in here; nope, the waiters don’t want no trombone playing in here.  But we don’t care and let them stare; we’ll play our trombones now.  Here’s Joe Smith.” Joe takes a solo

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An Appreciation of Vic Dickenson

By Andrew Sordoni For more than 50 years jazz music has intrigued and nourished my whole self without ever demanding more than  attention. At various times my focus fluctuated from meager to intense but at no time was jazz away from my need to listen, to know and to feel. As a producer, enabler and manager of events and a respected

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Music on the High C’s

By Tom Carten Just as WVIA-FM now has three channels for your news and information needs, so did Spike Jones with his City Slickers; the Band that Plays for Fun; and the little known Other Orchestra.  As with many movies which are critically acclaimed but box-office disasters, Spike’s attempt to dabble in fine pop music with a little jazz touch

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