118 – Back On the Street

Jonah Jones

Earl Hines


1. I’m in The Market For You
2. Back On The Street
3. You Can Depend On Me
4. A Very Slow Blues
5. Rose Room
6. Sleepy Time Gal
7. Pennies From Heaven
8. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place*
9. Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home*
10. Wailing With Jonah

About the Artist(s)

Jonah Jones

December 31, 1909
April 30, 2000

Earl Hines

December 28, 1903
April 22, 1983


Previously Unissued/ Recorded in New York City March 22, 1972

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Jonah Jones, trumpet and vocals;
Buddy Tate, clarinet, tenor sax;
Earl Hines, piano;
Jerome Darr, guitar;
John Brown, bass;
Cozy Cole, drums


Hank O’Neal

Mastered By

Jon Bates

Artwork By

Leo Meiersdorff