175 – Dave ‘Fingers’ McKenna


1) My Melancholy Baby (5:37)
2) Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home (4:00)
3) Lonesome Me (4:04)
4) Chloe (5:58)
5) Stumbling (6:00)
6) Somebody Stole My Gal (5:42)
7) As Time Goes By (3:30)
8) Someday Sweetheart (3:46)
9) All Alone (3:45)
10) The Curse Of An Aching Heart (3:43)
11) Melancholy (3:43)
12) San Antonio Rose (4:32)
13) The Curse Of An Aching Heart #2 (3:52)
14) Somebody Else Is Taking My Place (3:42)
15) Willie The Weeper (4:42)
16) Blues, Mainly Tin Roof (5:51)

About the Artist(s)


Dave McKenna is undisputably one of the most innovative, respected, and under-recognized pianists in jazz music. He can take a song, and turn it into a masterpiece, with endless variations that he seems to effortlessly draw from a well, full of enchanting ideas and flawless technique, that never runs dry. This marvelous CD includes digitally remastered versions of the eleven selections that were originally issued on the 1977 CHIAROSCURO LP (#CR-175), by the same name, plus five more previously unissued performances. This is simply a must for anyone who enjoys hearing incredible solo piano performances by one of the greatest pianists of all time.

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Dave McKenna, Piano


Hank O’Neal

Mastered By

Jon Bates/Downtown Sound & Mix Masters

Artwork By

John DeVries