313 – Live At The Floating Jazz Festival (1990)


1. Mood Indigo
2. Lester Leaps In
3. Low-Life Blues
4. Perdido
5. Pizza On The Park
6. Deuces Wild
7. Lil’ Darlin’
8. Now Ain’t That Funk For You?
9. C Jam Blues
10. Jumping At The Woodside
11. Jazzspeak

About the Artist(s)


Recorded 22, 23 and 25 Oct 1990

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Gabriel Armstrong, Marcus Belgrave, trumpet;

Al Grey, Mike Grey, trombone;

Ricky Woodard, sax;

Joe Cohn, guitar;

Steve Novosel, bass;

Bobby Durham, drums


Hank O’Neal and Shelly Shier

Mastered By

Jon Bates/Audioforce

Artwork By

Rollo Phlecks