366 – Live on the QE2 – Relaxing at Sea


1. Harlem Nocturne
2. Marmaduke
3. Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
4. The Midnight Creeper
5. Fast And Freaky
6. It Was A Dream
7. Confirmation
8. Now’s The Time
9. I Can’t Get Started With You
10. Lou’s New York Theme Song
11. Jazzspeak( Hidden Track)

About the Artist(s)


Recorded 5,6,8&10 November 1999 in The Theater aboard Queen Elizabeth 2, in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean. In many cases, jazz has seemed to become far too serious for it’s own good. Some folks have this strange notion that “real jazz” must be approached on some academic level and be inaccessible to the masses. Well guess what?: It just ain’t so! These people must never have seen or heard Dizzy or Charlie Parker, and certainly never listened to Louie Armstrong or Louis Jordan… Jazz is supposed to swing hard, be fun, and make people happy, and that’s what Lou Donaldson is all about! He’s the real deal! He played with Bird, Sonny Stitt, Hot Lips Page, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey and he doesn’t have to prove his pedigree. He’s one of the most burning alto saxophonists alive and has his own signature of hardcore bebop combined with Rhythm ‘n Blues – just the shaw-nuff stuff! With Dr. Lonnie Smith on Hammond B3 organ, Randy Johnston on guitar, and Danny Burger on drums, it’s at the highest level at all times, and the energy can’t possibly be contained in some intellectual corner of the brain. It rapidly flows throughout the whole body and takes it over. That’s what happened to the phenomenal Nicholas Payton when he walked by Lou’s show on his way back from his own performance in another venue that evening. Within moments, he was up on the stage sitting in, and the tape was rolling! And, just so no one gets too serious, you can always depend on Lou to sing a slow gritty blues with plenty of obscene overtones. Anyone aboard the QE2 for The 1999 Floating Jazz Festival already knows what a winner this CD is.

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Special Guest Nicholas Payton, Lou Donaldson, alto sax, vocals*;
Dr. Lonnie Smith, Hammond B-3 organ;
Randy Johnson, guitar;
Danny Burger, drums;
Nicholas Payton, trumpet


SOS Pro. in conjunction with HOSS, Inc.

Mastered By

Jon Bates/ Downtown Sound Remote & Mix Masters

Artwork By

Paul Bacon