348 – Live with Harry Sweets Edison

Harry “Sweets” Edison


1. Hitting The Road Again
2. River’s Invitation
3. Wave
4. Out Of Nowhere
5. Greazzy Blues
6. I Wish I Knew
7. Well, You Needn’t
8. This Is No Shit
9. Nica’s Dream
10. Outro Vamp
11. Jazzspeak

About the Artist(s)

Harry “Sweets” Edison

October 10, 1915
July 27, 1999


Recorded 5,7,9 Nov. 1995

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Red Holloway, tenor sax, vocals, Dwight Dickerson, piano;

Richard Reid, bass;

Paul Humphrey, drums;

Harry Sweets Edison, trumpet


SOS in conjunction with HOSS

Mastered By

Jon Bates/ Downtown Sound Remote/ Mix Masters

Artwork By

Paul Bacon