156 – Merge

Jack Wilkins

Michael Brecker

Jack DeJohnette


1. FUM
2. Papa, Daddy and Me
3. Invitation
4. What’s New
5. What Is This Thing Called Love?
6. Buds
7. Falling In Love With Love
8. 500 Miles High
9. Freight Trane

About the Artist(s)

Jack Wilkins

June 4, 1944

Michael Brecker

March 29, 1949
January 13, 2007

Jack DeJohnette

August 9, 1942


Recorded October 31, 1977 in New York City

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Randy Brecker, fluegelhorn;
Jack Wilkins, guitar;
Eddie Gomez, bass;
Jack DeJohnette, drums and piano;
(*)Randy Brecker, fluegelhorn;
Michael Brecker, tenor saxophone;
Phil Markowitz, piano;
Jack Wilkins, guitar;
Jon Burr, bass;
Al Foster, drums


Hank O’Neal and Fred Miller

Mastered By

Jon Bates/Fred Miller

Artwork By

Rollo Phlecks