371 – Reunion

Jack Wilkins


1. Kiwi Bird (Wilkins) 6:46
2. Reunion (Wilkins) 8:30
3. Break City (Silver) 6:03
4. Moontide (Brecker) 8:31
5. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Lehar) 7:24
6. Scott (Gomez) 8:27
7. Cheeks (Gomez) 7:42
8. But Beautiful (Burke-VanHeusen) 4:42
9. All The Things You Are (Hammerstein-Kern) 7:23

About the Artist(s)

Jack Wilkins

June 4, 1944


“The essence of durable jazz is how musicians with authoritatively individual voices can collectively create a moving mosaic that has its own singular identity. That is exemplified here.” – Nat Hentoff

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Michael Brecker,
Randy Brecker,
Eddie Gomez,
Jack Dejohnette


Jon Bates

Mastered By

Hal Winer

Artwork By

Theresa Bates


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