150 – Teddy Wilson and his All Stars


1. Hallelujah
2. Thinking of You/I Can’t Forget You Now
3. Alice Blue Gown
4. Lonesome And Sorry
5. Fine And Dandy
6. Goodnight My Love
7. Just Friends
8. Miss You
9. June Night
10. I’ll Get By
11. So Beats My Heart For You
12. Blues In D Flat
13. Jazzspeak

About the Artist(s)


Recorded June 23-24 ,1976 in New York City. More information about Teddy Wilson is available at https://www.jazzarcheology.com/teddy-wilson/

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Harry Sweets Edison, trumpet;
Vic Dickenson, trombone;
Bob Wilber, clarinet&soprano saxophone;
Teddy Wilson, piano;
Major Holley, bass;
Oliver Jackson, drums


Hank O’Neal

Mastered By

Jon Bates

Artwork By

Ron Warwell