Clifford Carter

Welcome to another episode of the Chiaroscuro Records Podcast! In this captivating conversation, George Graham sits down with the incredibly talented keyboard virtuoso, Clifford Carter. Explore Clifford’s musical journey, from growing up in a musical family to his remarkable experiences in the world of jazz and studio recording. Discover how Clifford’s early exposure to music in his family influenced his passion for playing the piano. Hear stories about his father’s singing career and the transition from radio personality to a bass-playing bandleader. It’s a fascinating look into the roots of his love for music.

Listen to Clifford’s insights on memorable moments from his career and his ongoing projects. From playing with Chiaroscuro Recording artist Bill Charlap, to working with renowned artists like Idina Menzel, his journey in the music industry continues to evolve.

About Clifford Carter

First-call pianist and keyboard virtuoso Clifford Carter is one of popular music’s unsung heroes. He’s impacted the music world with generous contributions to the careers of James Taylor, Bill Evans, Bryan Ferry Linda Ronstadt, Paul Simon, Natalie Cole, Ralph McDonald, Art Garfunkel, Herbie Mann, Jaco Pastorius and Bruce Springsteen. Carter discusses the struggle and benefits of toughing it out in his early years and seems to put the struggle of life as a professional musician in jazz into perspective very well. He was a featured artist at Carnegie Hall.

About The Chiaroscuro Podcast

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