Mike Jones – Episode 05

Mike Jones - Chiaroscuro Podcast

This time on The Chiaroscuro Podcast, we’ll explore the work of contemporary Chiaroscuro pianist Mike Jones.

About Mike Jones

Jones made his recording debut on Chiaroscuro in 1993 with an album called Oh! Look at Me Now. He also has four other releases on the label. These days, Jones is known for his long association with Penn & Teller in Las Vegas. He opens the magicians’ set, and often interacts with them.

People often call Jones a “Two handed pianist” because of his style incorporating strong, rhythmic bass lines in his left hand. This technique influenced pianist Dave McKenna, who is also a Chiaroscuro artist.

About the Music

About The Chiaroscuro Podcast

Chiaroscuro Director of Artistry & Repertoire George Graham produces and hosts The Chiaroscuro Podcast. Explore the works of Mike Jones and other Chiaroscuro performers in our Artists Section. Check out other episodes of the Chiaroscuro Podcast here.