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Jack Jones - The Chiaroscuro Podcast

Join us for an exciting dive into the world of legendary vocalist Jack Jones as he shares his remarkable journey in this engaging conversation with George Graham.

In this exclusive interview, Jack Jones, renowned for his versatility in music, takes us through his journey in the music industry. From his early days influenced by his father, Alan Jones, to his first record deal with Capitol Records, Jack discusses his hit records, his iconic theme for “The Love Boat,” and his thoughts on working with artists like Tony Bennett, Joey DeFrancesco, and more.

As we explore his collaborations and experiences with Chiaroscuro artists like Louie Bellson, Clark Terry, Gerry Mulligan, and pianist Roger Kellaway, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for his legendary career.

About Jack Jones

By many measures, Jack Jones was the most popular crooner to emerge between the heyday of Elvis Presley and the rise of the Beatles. Considered the singer’s-singer, In the span of two years, he snagged two Grammy Awards for Pop Male Performance — “Lollipops and Roses” in 1962 and “Wives and Loves” in 1964 — which was enough to lay a foundation for a career that lasted to this day prompting Frank Sinatra to cite Jones stating, “ Jack Jones is the best potential singer in the business. He has a distinction, an all-round quality that puts him potentially about three lengths in front of the other guys. He sings jazz pretty good, too.” He scored number one hits with “The Race Is On,” “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)” and “Lady” between 1965 and 1967 and continues to perform in Las Vegas and on the road, making the occasional foray into pop culture, like when he sang “The Love Boat Theme” in 1980. On his episode, Jones discusses his latest work with the late Joey DeFrancesco, ARTWORK.

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