The Soft Winds – Episode 18


On this episode of the Chiaroscuro Podcast, we feature a Trio called the Soft Winds, a group that was not all well-known but was influential.

About the Soft Winds

The Soft Winds consisted of guitar great Herb Ellis, pianist Lou Carter and bassist/violinist John Frigo. They are represented in a distinctive Chiaroscuro release called Then and Now with recordings from their early period in the 1940s, and a reunion they recorded for Chiaroscuro in 1995. The drumless piano/guitar/bass trio format was made famous by Nat King Cole in his early recordings, and the Soft Winds, though they remained somewhat obscure in their day, did create some tunes that became hits or jazz standards. The group was formed from the rhythm section of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra when the members were looking for gigs while the band was off the road.

About the Music

In this episode, you’ll hear tunes from their 1947 recording, and then from the 1995 performance as part of the Floating Jazz Festival, starting with Early Autumn from 1947  and then from 1995 in which they perform their novelty hit from the early days I Told You I Loved You, Now Get Out, and then a tune that the trio wrote which has now become a jazz standard Detour Ahead

About The Chiaroscuro Podcast

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